Fabulous Florals

Zest for Life

'Zest for Life'


'Fleur-de-lis' (Sold)

Canna Carnivale

'Canna Carnivale' (Sold)

De Light

'De Light'

Acorn Banksia

'Acorn Banksia' (Sold)

Golden Opportunity

'Golden Opportunity'

Blue Iris

'Blue Iris' (Sold)

Pure Gold

'Pure Gold' (Sold)


'Blush' (Sold)

Big Red

'Big Red' (Sold)

Magenta Magic

'Magenta Magic' (Sold)

Nan's Pearls of Wisdom

'Nan's Pearls of Wisdom'

Australian Gold Rush

'Australian Gold Rush' (Sold)


To express an interest in my paintings, please e-mail me with the name of the painting(s) and any information you require...